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    A.I. Creative Edge

    Catalyzing creativity with gen-AI integration. Create complex visual solutions that incorporate gen-AI and pro finishing.
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    What's Included in the Human Element Challenge:


    • To challenge Creative Professionals to solve complex visual problems using generative AI (gen-AI) technologies.
    • To explore a range of subjects and create diverse solutions to visual challenges.


    Ideation with LLMs (Like Chat-GPT):
    • Participants start with a discovery phase, utilizing language models like Chat-GPT for brainstorming and ideation.
    • This stage involves discussing and refining ideas, themes, and concepts.
    • Defining Key Variables for Visual Framework:
    • Post-ideation, participants pinpoint key variables, elements, and themes that should be included in the visual representation.
    Creation with Text-to-Image Platforms:
    • Using the defined framework, participants employ text-to-image AI platforms to create an initial visual representation of their ideas.
    • This step involves translating the brainstormed ideas into tangible visual forms.
    Finalizing in Photoshop:
    • The AI-generated images are then imported into software like Photoshop.
    • Participants refine, edit, and enhance these images, adding their professional touch to complete the idea.


    • To showcase the integration and practical application of AI tools in the creative process.
    • To demonstrate how AI can be a partner in creative problem-solving and visual storytelling.
    • To enhance the skillset of Creative Professionals in using AI technologies alongside traditional digital editing tools.
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    Brilliant Course

    You are amazing Brian Sykes! So much value-added content you are bringing to the platform.

    Sam Sudipta


    This is sooo interesting Brian Sykes! I’ll love to join and play with this idea. I always get super surprised by what comes up when I join this challenges because they bring me out of my comfort zone! 

    Isabel Gomez

    Very Helpful

    I have completed this course and now I know the basic fundamentals of Graphic Design which are highly important for a successful professional life in Graphic Design. 

    Nick Jonas

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    Brian Sykes

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    Bringing almost 3-decades of design experience in branding, marketing and advertising (with an equal amount of time Teaching creative professionals), Brian is the perfect stratagem of real-life experience and teaching from knowledge (not a textbook).
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